Editorial: Media ‘release windows’ are increasingly archaic, futile and hostile

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Editorial Media 'release windows' are increasingly archaic, futile and hostile

Last week’s Downton Abbey broadcast debacle, while not representative of the world’s most acute problems, unnervingly illustrated one of the many ways that media companies fail to understand markets, technology and day-to-day consumer realities. The hit show ended its third season on December 25th with an extreme plot development. The season was broadcast only to its British audience, while American viewers were waiting until 2013 to clap their eyes on the latest round of shows. Problem was, of course, that the entire non-UK audience had the whole third season spoiled by instant social buzz and UK-generated web reviews of the final dramatic denouement.

If technology does nothing else, it destroys boundaries of all sorts — between countries, time zones, populations, affiliations and cultural circumstances. Media companies that distribute their products as if those borders still held sway seem increasingly clueless and hostile to their ever more empowered audiences.

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Engadget’s top posts for 2012

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STUB DNP Engadget's top posts for 2012

So, are sugar plum fairies dancing in your head yet? Us neither, so how about those always-popular year-end lists? It’s time to re-raise a toast to that tradition here at Engadget with a look at the top articles over the last 12 months as voted on by you, dear readers. If you’re drawing a blank about any such ballot-casting, you did it with each duly noted click — meaning that, Kumbaya-style, our list is also your list. Overall, 2012 was a red-letter year at Engadget as we unveiled a snappy fresh look (literally and visually), changed to a new commenting system, added the poshly accented Eurocast and generally kicked butt with more features, liveblogs and scoops than ever — all of which is reflected in (woot!) our largest all-time yearly readership. After a couple of years off, we’re re-booting the top yearly post tradition, so without further ado, here’s a list of the articles that brought the biggest page-view ruckus in 2012.

Top 20 most trafficked posts of 2012, in order:

1. Apple’s next-generation iPad liveblog
2. Apple’s next-generation iPhone liveblog
3. Apple’s 2012 WWDC liveblog
4. Apple’s iPad mini liveblog
5. Live from Amazon’s Santa Monica press conference
6. Live from Apple’s education event
7. Samsung’s Mobile Unpacked liveblog
8. Microsoft’s major announcement liveblog
9. Live from Microsoft’s Windows 8 press event at Mobile World Congress 2012
10. Google’s I/O keynote 2012 liveblog
11. Live from Microsoft’s ‘sneak peek’ at Windows Phone
12. Engadget Live: ‘Ask me anything’ Q&A with Nokia CEO Stephen Elop
13. Live from Microsoft’s E3 2012 keynote
14. The Windows Phone 8 event liveblog
15. Live from the HTC press conference at MWC 2012
16. Live from Blackberry Jam Americas 2012
17. Live from Samsung Unpacked at IFA 2012
18. Live from the Nokia press conference at MWC 2012
19. Nexus 7 review: the best $200 tablet you can buy
20. iPhone 5 review

15,514 total number of posts for 2012
1,039 – number of hands-on posts
246 – number of Engadget reviews
48 – number of liveblogs
10 – number of Engadget shows

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ASUS Zenbook Prime UX31A Touch review: new touchscreen, same solid performance

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DNP ASUS Zenbook Prime UX31A Touch review new capacitive display, same good performance

While Windows 8 inspired plenty of crazy new form factors, it also gave laptop makers a good reason to circle back and tweak their tried-and-true products to bring them into the touch-optimized era. One example is ASUS’ Zenbook Prime line of Ultrabooks. We’ve seen quite a few of them in the last year; the UX31A landed in our offices last summer, and we reviewed the 15-inch UX51Vz mere weeks ago.

But a dry spell is nowhere in sight: ASUS just released another 13-inch Zenbook, the $1,099-and-up UX31A Touch. The name says it all: it’s the UX31A we’ve known and, er, liked, but with a capacitive display added in. Of course, this slightly different iteration still provides an opportunity to improve the laptop in other ways (for instance, we thought the UX31A featured a subpar touchpad). So, does this new touchscreen model improve upon an already finely crafted Ultrabook? Jump past the break to find out.

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Shocker: Samsung introducing new HDTV at CES, albeit with ‘unprecedented new shape’

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How do you break the silence on one of the slowest news days of the year? Well, if you’re Samsung, you tease the obvious. The Korean company has been counting down the days till CES with mini-previews of upcoming HD products — first hinting at a refurbished Smart Hub on Christmas and today confirming that a new Smart TV will indeed be unveiled next week. But not just any TV; Samsung Tomorrow is drumming up anticipation for “an unprecedented new TV shape” to be unveiled in Vegas. From the photo, it looks like a monitor in the portrait form factor, but we won’t have to hold our horses too long before we learn more. In the meantime, you can check out the video below the break — don’t expect any spoilers.

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Velocity Micro unveils three new NoteMagix Ultrabooks for $800 and up

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Velocity Micro unveils three new NoteMagix Ultrabooks for $800 and up

Velocity Micro is refreshing its NoteMagix line of laptops with three 14-inch Ultrabooks: the U430, U450 and U470. These models aren’t the thinnest machines in their category — the aluminum design tips in at four pounds — but all three have enough room for a DVD drive. All three models also feature a 14-inch display with a resolution of 1,366 x 768 — and, notably, none of them come with bloatware. Other specs include a 1.3-MP webcam, integrated Intel HD 4000 Graphics and a rated battery life of six hours.

The $800 NoteMagix U430 is the entry-level model, with a Core i3 CPU, 4GB of RAM, and a 500GB hard drive spinning at 5,400 RPM. The $900 U450 steps up to a Core i5 processor and a 120GB SSD, while the $1,100 U470 runs a Core i7 chip with 240GB of solid-state storage. The Ultrabooks are available now through Velocity Micro’s site — check out the source link for a closer look.

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Samsung reportedly launching Tizen-based phones on NTT DoCoMo in 2013

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According to Japan’s Daily Yomiuri, NTT DoCoMo is parterning with Samsung to develop phones running the open-source Tizen operating system, with the first handsets reaching the market next year. According to the Yomiuri, other mobile carriers are also getting behind the development of Tizen because they “fear the hegemony” of Apple and Google. We’ve heard about Tizen as far back as September of 2011 — this Linux-based (and Intel-backed) software came about when Nokia’s MeeGo OS bit the dust, and we’ve already seen evidence of a Tizen-based Galaxy S III.

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LG details LCD, plasma HDTV lineup for 2013: 4K, Miracast, NFC, WiDi and more

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LG's details LCD, plasma HDTV lineup features for 2013 4K, Miracast, NFC, WiDi, and more

As LG continues its slew of CES pre-announcements, it’s revealed details about the new HDTVs it will be showing off in Las Vegas next week. Predictably, they include three lines of plasma models (fewer than previous years, but still kicking) in 42- to 60-inch sizes, and new LCD HDTVs in various levels of trim and sizes from 22-inches up to 60-inches. Most notably, this year all of its new LCDs are LED, as it’s kicked the old CCFL tech to the curb. LG has already detailed upcoming changes for its voice/gesture Magic Remote control and a couple of Google TV models, however other new features for 2013 include an “On Now” recommendation system that learns what you watch and offers relevant selections from live TV and video on-demand services. Expect new tie-ins to be announced with both streaming and local TV providers to help fill out the selection around the world.

Hardware-wise, new feature boxes checked this year include NFC, thanks to a new “Tag On” sticker smartphones and other devices can easily pair with. Getting content from mobile devices to the display will also be easier thanks to Miracast and WiDi support, and MHL ports will be readily available as well. LG’s FPR 3D tech isn’t going anywhere, and Smart TV features should be speedier than ever thanks to CPUs with a promised 120 percent speed boost, and 300 percent faster GPUs. As seen in the pics, the design has also been altered slightly with a new stand that both swivels and rolls, plus a reduced bezel size.

If you’re looking for the latest and greatest however, LG will be showing off the 84-inch Ultra HD 4K set it just started shipping and the 55-inch OLED display we’re waiting for. No word yet on shipping dates or price for any of the new models, but as we surmised from LG Display’s plans, we should see a couple of 55- and 65-inch Ultra HD TVs appear before the year is out. There’s a couple more pictures of the new HDTVs in the gallery plus a press release with all the details after the break. Beyond that, HD Guru has a model-by-model breakdown of the available information — we’ll check back with our in-person impressions in a few days.

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