DNP HTC One's software features explained Blink, TV, Get Started and new Sync Manager

Now that you’re done drooling over the HTC One’s shiny body, let’s take a look at the phone’s generous bundle of software features. Sense 5 on Android 4.1.2 is quite possibly the boldest step HTC’s ever taken in terms of Android interface, in the hopes of offering a radically simple experience out of the box. First off, the phone comes with just two soft keys: Back and Home. You can still access the app-switching page by double-tapping the Home key, but instead of the old 3D interface with dozens of app cards, you’ll now only get a grid of nine app cards to keep things simple. And like before, simply flick the cards up to dismiss the corresponding apps. Read on for more, and keep an eye out for our upcoming hands-on video.

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By: Engadget