With that glorious high-res display on the Chromebook Pixel, it only made sense that Google released a brand new photo app to go along with it. In collaboration with the G+ Photos team, Chrome has worked on a new Photos app from the ground up so that it’s super easy to upload, view and share your photos. All you have to do is plug in your camera’s SD card into the Chromebook and it’ll automatically recognize your pics and immediately start uploading your full-resolution photos to your G+ account — turns out there’s a really good reason the Pixel comes with one terabyte of Drive storage for every user for three years.

Of course, the app is designed with the touch interface in mind, and they’ve built in social elements like G+’s plusses and comments into the UI. What we find particularly intriguing is that the app also has intelligent photo selection. It will look through your snapshots and will try its best to figure out which is blurry or has bad exposure. When you’re ready to create a G+ album of your photos, it’ll automatically select what it deems to be your best shots so you can set it up instantly. We talked to a Google representative here, and she said that while the app will be available to Pixel users initially, it’ll eventually roll out to all Chromebooks in the future.

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Via: Engadget