Jackery outs Bar and Mini portable battery packs, aims to give powerhungry devices a boost

Mophie’s Juice Packs are all the rage when it comes to giving a meaningful power boost to popular slabs like the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III, but let’s not forget others outside that group may need some help, too. Here’s where the California-based firm Jackery hopes to come in. The company’s just introduced its Bar and Mini external batteries, touting rather portable and peculiar designs as some of the main features present. More importantly, both of the USB-equipped power packs are loaded with 5,600 and 2,600mAh, respectively — and, according to Jackery, this is enhanced by the peripherals’ ability to hold a charge for up to six months, thanks to the company’s own “unique power lock technology.” Jackery’s 5.4-ounce Bar is available starting today for $40, while the more petite Mini (which weighs in at less than three ounces) can be yours for 10 bucks less than its heavier sibling.

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Source: Jackery

Original: Engadget