Pwnie Express launches the Pwn Pad, takes hackproofing on the road

Pwnie Express-made security tools like the Power Pwn have mostly been stationary creatures that aren’t much help when checking for network vulnerabilities on the move. There’s now a more mobile version, though, in the Pwn Pad. The kit combines a Nexus 7 with USB-based Bluetooth, Ethernet and WiFi to gauge the security of a network beyond what Google’s tablet can manage on its own. Ubuntu Linux is available in the Pwn Pad’s software loadout, but part of the appeal comes from running a suite of tools in Android that aren’t always available on the platform, such as Kismet. The $795 price will seem steep to those who bought the plain Nexus 7 at a quarter of the price, although it might end up being a discount for security gurus who want to leave bulkier tools — even their laptops — at home.

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