Sony NSZGS7 update brings Google TV's newer voice search and YouTube perks

Someone must have declared it Google TV Update Week without telling us: just days after a Vizio Co-Star upgrade, Sony’s NSZ-GS7 Internet Player is getting its own tune-up. The Sony update parallels its Vizio counterpart in focusing mostly on the features from the fall 2012 Google TV revamp, including PrimeTime and the updated YouTube app. Viewers pining for Amazon VOD access can also grab its app through Google Play. Sony mostly claims an edge over Vizio through its support for the equally new voice search feature: owners just have to chat with Sony’s remote to get things done, instead of leaning on phone or tablet control. However GS7 owners plan to steer their TVs, they’ll just need to check for a software update in the days ahead to rejuvenate their set-top boxes.

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Source: Sony

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