MasterCard announces MasterPass digital banking service, gives Australia and Canada first dibs

MasterCard’s been working on new-era payment systems for sometime, but now the credit corporation looks set to move past its PayPass project and roll out a service that’s properly ready for the masses. By way of MasterPass, MasterCard will look to build upon what it gathered from previous efforts and use those learnings in its quest for success, with the firm being quite confident that by securing the right merchants and technology partners, it can turn the “promise of a digital future” into a reality. Furthermore, MasterCard says the MasterPass experience will be a seamless and secure one, making it easy for consumers to initiate transactions “from wherever they are” and with “any device.” — and that includes support for a variety of check-out methods, such as QR codes and, of course, NFC. Those in Australia and Canada can expect MasterPass to debut in their area next month, while US and UK folks will have to wait until later this spring and summer, respectively.

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Via: TechCrunch

Source: MasterCard

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