Ever-expanding smartphone screens

It used to be that any smartphone screen beyond three inches was considered big — and it was, for an audience still weaning itself off of flip phones and PDAs. Flash-forward several years, however, and we’re to the point where many won’t even consider less than a 4-inch screen, and the once-unfathomable 5-inch display is quickly becoming the de facto standard for high-end models. It’s clear that many of us like our phones supersized, Zack Morris style. But when the 6.1-inch Ascend Mate is a reality, and Mobile World Congress or future events may push the boundaries even further, there’s still a worry that the focus on successively bigger displays might have gone too far. Have we pushed too hard for more glass? Or are we witnessing a wholesale shift away from the smartphone as we once knew it? There’s truth to both sides. Follow along as we look at how smartphones have swelled over time, and how we’re learning to love (or cope with) their dimensions.

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