Gear4 spreads Lightning connector love with $129 alarm clock, $79 portable speaker dock

Looking to build up a collection of accessories for that newfangled Lightning connector on your iPhone 5? Well, Gear4 is hoping that you’ll start off with an alarm clock (and in the process, forget about iHome’s duo of bedside companions, which will soon hit the market). Vying for your attention is the AlarmDock Halo 3, which retails for $129.99 and is on sale as of today. The system includes a companion app called SmartLink that lets users choose from a variety of music sources — iTunes, Spotify and networked tunes all qualify — and the app also ensures that any alarms you set on the Halo 3 will be synced to the iPhone, and vice versa. The AlarmDock Halo 3 also offers FM radio, line-in audio, a dimming LCD display, customizable alarm sounds (for when your iPhone is lost in the couch cushions) and, thankfully, a snooze button.

Also shipping from Gear4 today is the StreetParty 5, a portable, Lightning-loving speaker dock that’s powered by four AA batteries. Sadly, there’s no line-in audio support here, but if you’re properly equipped, the $79.99 system will have you disturbing the peace in no time. Hop the break for a peek, won’tcha?

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