Boy Scouts of America goes thoroughly modern, makes designing videogames a badgeworthy affair

Obvious truths: Boys love videogames. Videogames are fun. Earning awards for loving videogames and wanting to make them is ridiculous and pretty darn sweet. It’s also now entirely possible if you’re a Boy Scout (Cub Scouts have enjoyed this privilege for some time now). The organization that made khakis, neckerchiefs and canteens fashionable has now officially added Game Design to its array of merit badges. The new badge, devised in conjunction with several industry members and enthusiasts, requires young scouts to conceive, test and build a game prototype using such traditional methods as cards, die or a smartphone app. Yes, you read that right. Incredibly ambitious model-citizens-in-the-making can put all their 21st century knowledge and native digital know-how together to build a mobile gaming app to help them climb the ladder to Eagle Scout status. It’s definitely a modern step for the century-old youth group. We just wish the “reward” were a little more substantial than a cloth cut-out.

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