Fotodiox brings 150megapixel images to your NEX, medium format lens not included

Fotodiox has a new take on E-mount lens adapters that’ll give you 140-megapixel images by performing an interesting trick: moving the camera. The rather spendy device uses an interchangeable lens mount that accepts either Pentax 645, Mamiya 645 or Hasselblad V medium format lenses, coupled with a moveable platform to mount your Sony NEX. When ready to fire, you check the built-in exposure screen to frame the shot and the system moves the NEX around to grab images at predetermined, “precisely-positioned” locations in the lens’ field of view. After stitching it all together in Photoshop or similar software, the result is either a panorama or medium format photo (depending on camera orientation) — 140-megapixels’ worth in the case of a Sony NEX-7. Besides the $500 adapter, the aforementioned medium format lens and a tripod, you’ll likely require a healthy dollop of patience to use it, too — and forget about video, of course. Check the PR after the break for more.

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Via: Sony Alpha Rumors

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