Razer enlists Rahul Sood of VoodooPC fame as advisor to its board of directors

Rahul Sood is still keeping busy at Microsoft, but he’s adding yet another role to his resume: advisor to Razer’s board of directors. The VoodooPC founder says he views the gaming-focused firm as the spiritual successor to his PC outfit’s previous work, and Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan effectively considers the feeling mutual. “In fact, it was his work at VoodooPC that inspired us to enter the systems business, and I believe his advice will be invaluable to us here at Razer,” says Tan. In his new capacity, Sood will help guide the company with everything from product development to sales. We can only hope the collaboration leads to more Ferrari tie-ins and good advice when it comes to gaming hardware like the Razer Blade and Razer Edge.

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