San Francisco's Bay Bridge gets the LED treatment, lights up just in time for Expand

For decades, tourists have gaped at San Francisco’s brightly colored Golden Gate Bridge, often overlooking the Oakland-connected Bay Bridge’s less flashy looks. Luckily, the old bridge is being gussied up for onlookers — Artist Leo Villareal has kitted out the 1.8-mile span with over 25,000 computer controlled LEDs. “My inspiration comes from the motion of the bridge,” the artist explained, describing how he designed the display. “I’m interpreting all the kinetic activity around the bridge: the traffic, the motion of water, the sky — it’s such a rich environment to draw upon.” “The Bay Lights” project will illuminate the bridge for the next two years, silently shining carefully programmed patterns of light across the water of the bay. Sound gorgeous? Consider it just one more reason to visit the City by the Bay.

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