TiVo Mini review

TiVo fans who want to be able to watch whatever they want, in any room that they want can finally stop waiting. Sure, some have been satisfied with TiVo’s Multi-Room Viewing even though it required multiple DVRs and the multiple Now Playing lists and multiple ToDo lists that go with them. But for those TiVo fans who want a single whole-home DVR, the TiVo Mini is available to order for $99 plus a $6-per-month subscription, or $249 for the device with lifetime service. This is less than the cost of another TiVo, but more than most set-top boxes available at retail. Of course the Mini can do what most less expensive retail boxes cannot; take the place of a DVR and deliver the most popular programming source in America, premium cable TV. Exactly how it well it extends the TiVo experience to another room is what you’ll find out if you click through.

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