Here’s a cool little addition to the increasingly competitive world of home automation. Ube’s got a WiFi Smart Dimmer that utilizes multitouch functionality to control the the lights in your house — use one finger to turn off a single light, or use two to turn off a set. The company picked SXSW as the venue to announce the forthcoming launch of customized gestures for other smart devices — in the example given to us by CEO Utz Baldwin, a user can input a “W” to turn on the sprinklers — or an “A” plus up swipe to turn on an alarm and an “A” plus a down swipe to disable it.

Sadly, the functionality won’t be available for the launch of the first generation, though it’s likely to come in time for the second generation, along with a software update for early adopters. Interested parties can support the company via Kickstarter right now — Ube’s a bit over halfway to its goal of $280,000, with 24 days to go. You can also watch Baldwin discuss the product and today’s news in a video after the break.


Source: Kickstarter

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