First notebooks with AMD Richland chips due out next month, should bring better battery life and some nice little extras video

Yearly product cycles? AMD doesn’t need that long, thank you. It’s planning to release a fresh batch of low-power APUs just 11 months after Trinity. Known as Richland, this generation won’t be vastly different at the silicon level, as it’s built on the same 32nm process as Trinity, has the same number of transistors and offers very similar compute performance in terms of raw GFLOPs. However, there are some noteworthy upgrades in attendance, including a move to Radeon HD 8000M graphic processors, which are claimed to deliver a 20-40 percent increase in “visual performance” in higher-end models, plus power-saving tweaks that should provide over an hour of additional battery life while watching 720p video — perhaps even enough for two extra episodes of House of Cards. Some Windows 8 enhancements will also tag along for the ride, and these will promptly be revealed if you read on past the break.

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