DNP Dragon Mobile Assistant 30 can share locations, call meeting numbers for you

Nuance has long wanted Dragon Mobile Assistant to do as much of the heavy lifting as possible for common Android phone tasks. The newly available 3.0 beta is shouldering even more of the load, including responsibilities that can still involve separate apps with rivals. It’s now possible to share map coordinates, or ask for someone else’s location, through simple requests. The refresh will also skip the drudgery needed to dial a conference call or an important friend: set a calendar event with phone numbers and passcodes attached and Dragon can punch in the numbers itself, right on cue. As a final touch, the upgrade brings truly hands-free text messaging that includes both spoken incoming messages and voice-dictated replies. The beta remains free and will work with Android 2.3 or above; if Google Now and S Voice aren’t pulling enough weight, there might be some relief through the source link.

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Source: Google Play

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