Deezer App Studio goes mobile, brings apps to Android and iOS listeners

As much as we like extending our music universe through apps within the likes of Deezer and Spotify, that wider experience hasn’t usually carried over to mobile. Deezer, at least, thinks it can put those apps inside our pockets. App Studio now supports building add-ons for both Android and iOS devices, giving travelers music and social components beyond what Deezer can provide on its own. The company isn’t relying just on phones and tablets to pad its customer base, though. It’s also improving the behind-the-scenes framework to bolster gaming through its API, and an affiliate program will pay social app creators every time one of their users subscribes to Deezer. Us listeners will just have to wait for developers to implement App Studio and the API changes before we reap any potential rewards.

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Source: Deezer for Developers

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