Engadget HD Podcast 340 - 03.12.2013

We’ve got a pair of new boxes to discuss this week, with the TiVo Mini and Roku 3 both making their debut. While we discuss what they add to the mix (and what they’re still missing), other news includes the end of Netflix’s public API program and UK pricing for LG’s first OLED HDTV. Meanwhile Google Fiber has picked up its first 3D channels and we discuss the importance of Who Framed Roger Rabbit in the history of film as a whole. Finally, we’ll remind you to check in Saturday afternoon at 2:15PM for our “How Technology is Changing the Way We Watch TV” panel at Engadget Expand featuring guests from Sling, Boxee and TiVo.

Hosts: Ben Drawbaugh (@bjdraw), Richard Lawler (@rjcc)

Producer: James Trew (@itstrew)

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