Vmoda unveils Vamp Verza a dockable, device-agnostic headphone amp and DAC for mobile audiophiles

Last we heard from V-moda, the company was appealing to audiophile sensibilities with its $300 Crossfade M-100 portable headphones. Continuing in that respect, today it’s officially unveiling the Vamp Versa as a followup to last summer’s $650 iPhone 4/4S-purposed Vamp spy tool headphone amp, DAC & case combo. The aluminum-clad Verza is a device-agnostic solution that uses a sliding dock system with special $100 Metallo cases to give any supported devices a similar all-in-one feel to the original.

At launch, a GS III case is available, with an iPhone 5 model a few weeks out — the company is aiming to get GS IV and Note II cases out next. The unit’s 150mW x 2 amplifier will bypass your iDevice’s audio output via a USB port on its bottom, while an adjacent microUSB port can take advantage of the external sound card profile found in Android Jelly Bean. V-moda notes the microUSB port acts like a traditional USB audio device, so it’ll work with mostly any device. As you might guess, both ports have their own specific DACs routing audio at different power levels to its op-amp.

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