BlackBerry Secure Work Space due in Q2, divides work and play on Android and iOS

BlackBerry acknowledged that we live in a bring-your-own-device world with BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, which oversees platforms beyond Waterloo’s own. It’s reinforcing that support through new details for Secure Work Space for iOS and Android, an expansion of BlackBerry Balance to rival mobile devices. The upcoming offering will blend a BES10 update with a locked-down suite of apps, letting those of us without a BlackBerry easily check our corporate calendars, email and notes without requiring a VPN or other elaborate gateways. Whether or not you think the company is giving away the keys to its kingdom, the expanded Secure Work Space should put up a (frankly needed) wall between our corporate and personal lives sometime in the second quarter, or before the end of June.

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Source: The Next Web

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