Linksys and Cisco are no longer one. The enterprise infrastructure giant, which acquired the home networking line in 2003, has officially passed the baton to Belkin. Under the new arrangement, Linksys devices and services, such as routers and Smart WiFi products, will fall under the Belkin umbrella. CEO Chet Pipkin announced plans to maintain both brands, adding that Linksys “will continue to exist and evolve to include even richer user experiences and network management functionality.” Going forward, teams from both Linksys and Belkin may work together to create certain products, so we might begin to see new innovations that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. Consumers are unlikely to experience any hiccups during the transition — the Linksys website will remain intact and support services will be available as always. Hit up the press release after the break for a few more details surrounding the acquisition.

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