Samsung's Galaxy S 4 taps into Swiftkey knowhow for its builtin keyboard

We’d heard rumors that Swiftkey might have assisted Blackberry on its well-received (and often prescient) BB10 keyboard, but the app maker has now confirmed that its software is behind the Galaxy S 4‘s native keyboard. It’s the first time that the company’s publicly admitted to powering a handset manufacturer’s keys and will sidestep the need for S 4 users to download its standalone app. Though, there’s still plenty of reasons to download the app from Google play if you dig the customization options and themes of the original. Swiftkey’s CTO Ben Medlock said that the keyboard is “at the heart of [Samsung’s] flagship smartphone” and is hopefully just the first of many Android devices arriving with the company’s voodoo already built in. We’ve added Ben’s full statement after the break.

Update: The company reached out to us to clarify that while its prediction engine is at the heart of Samsung’s keyboard it is not Swiftkey in the purest sense. The natural comparison it reached for? Android and TouchWiz.

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