Apple's claim to iPhone trademark in Mexico gets a nail in the appeals coffin

Apple’s already lost hope for exclusive rights to the name “iPhone” in Brazil, and now it’s been defeated in another battle south of the border. Cupertino and Mexican company iFone S.A. have a long history, stretching back to 2009 when Apple tried to have the firm’s “iFone” trademark revoked. The electronics giant claimed that the mark had expired since it was registered in 2003. However, the Wall Street Journal reports that a Mexican federal court ruled last year that the small company’s claim to the name was valid, and that Cook and Co. can’t make it their own. Now, Mexico’s Supreme Court has put another nail in the coffin, upholding the previous decision. iFone intends to seek some coin in the form of damages, but all is not lost for Apple: it still has two trademarks to the iPhone moniker in the country and can keep selling its hardware.

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Via: The Verge

Source: Wall Street Journal, CNN Expansión (translated)

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