AT&T intros extralarge Mobile Share and pooled data plans with business phones in mind

We can’t vouch with any certainty that individual subscribers have embraced AT&T’s Mobile Share plans with open arms. Corporate customers (and simply the very well-heeled) are another matter: they could use big buckets of data to get their many devices online, which is why AT&T is adding considerably more headroom today. It’s launching new 30GB, 40GB and 50GB Mobile Share plans that respectively cost $300, $400 and $500 per month when there’s unlimited voice and messaging attached. While those rates will be eye-watering for most of us, they make more sense knowing that the carrier ups the maximum number of devices on these plans to a more office-friendly 15 to 25, instead of the usual 10. Data-only users can get away with paying ‘just’ $185, $260 or $335 for similar Mobile Share plans. Companies with a larger staff count can also spring for new Business Pooled Nation plans that offer per-device data between $20 per month for 300MB and $80 per month for 10GB. Hit the source for more details, whether you’re outfitting your business with phones or just have a streaming movie marathon that really, really can’t wait for WiFi.

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Source: AT&T (PDF)

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