Google Hangouts Capture tool lets you snap screenshots with a click

Beginning soon, Google+ users will be able to take screenshots of content within a Hangout using the new Capture tool. Once the feature rolls out, simply click the camera button at the bottom of the Hangout window to grab a frame. The addition helps to simplify workflows a bit, while also serving to boost privacy — unlike third-party screenshot offerings, this integrated tool notifies fellow users in your Hangout whenever someone enables the feature and when a picture is taken. Additionally, snaps are saved to a shared album, which other attendees may access from within the Hangout or through your photo albums. Privacy-obsessed users beware, though: You’ll only be notified if the official Google tool is used — apps like Skitch and Grab can still snag frames without a public warning.

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Via: TechCrunch

Source: Jeremy Ng (Google+)

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