Humble Bundle game sales now coming weekly, starting with Bastion

Who would’ve thought that letting consumers pay what they think is fair for quality games would prove popular? That’s the concept behind Humble Bundle, and so far, it’s been rather good to developers and charities alike. Now, deals from the company are set to get a whole lot more frequent, as it’s just announced weekly game sales that’ll supplement the monthly bundle offers. You’ll find a new game from Humble Bundle go up for sale each Tuesday, and to kick things off, the company is starting with Bastion, an RPG from Supergiant Games. Just $1 nets you a Steam key to the game, but if common decency isn’t enough of a reason to pay more, you’ll find bonus content and merchandise up for grabs, too. This week’s charities include the EFF and Child’s Play, but you’ve only got seven days to act before another game takes its place. Best start checking it out, and you can start with a demo of Bastion after the break.

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