Caption contest Sony imagines the future of commuting, involves its giant 3D visors

Musing on a dystopian near-future where you really don’t want to see your fellow commuters, Sony Japan’s Twitter account just offered us the above image. Is this what’s going to happen when the likes of Sony and Google have managed to supplant our affection for smartphones with eyewear tech?

Mat: “We’re going to need more charging sockets.”
James: “Perhaps not the best time to be watching Unstoppable.”
Richard Lai: “You’re seeing this ad because your fellow passengers are also watching this.”
Tim: “Nice shoes.”
Steve: “We’ve arrived? I’ll just finish the movie while crossing this intersection.”
Dan: “Trainspotting? I haven’t seen a train in years.”
Jon Fingas: “Seeing where you’re going is so 2012.”
Brad: “We just can’t get enough of that amazing Galaxy S 4 launch event.”
Edgar: Glass? Where we’re going, we don’t need Glass.”
Ben: “Where am I? What’s happened to my life? Oooh, a new episode of Deadliest Catch!”
Darren: “Geordi La Forge is all up in these royalties.”
Terrence: Blah, blah, bah, something, something, something, private porn watching.
Brian: “You guys are going to the X-Men auditions, too? Cool. Didn’t want to miss my stop.”
David: “Do you know where we are? Hmm, about ten minutes into the season finale of Game of Thrones.”
Jon Turi: “Victims of the Krazy Glue prankster all try to go about their day.”
Michael: “Sony says all your face are belong to us.”
Don: “Wow. This is just like being on a train.”

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Source: Sony Japan (Twitter)

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