InFocus' BigTouch is a 55-inch all-in-one built for conference spaces, classrooms with large desks

Having not seen every single all-in-one PC that’s ever been released, we’ll stop short of saying the InFocus BigTouch is the largest AiO ever to grace the Earth. That said, it’s pretty damn enormous. What we have here is a 55-inch Windows 8 machine — far larger than you probably have room for on your desk — and it’s intended specifically for classrooms, conference spaces and office lobbies. Basically, any scenario where lots of people will need to see or use the computer at once. Given that, its connectivity options are perhaps more extensive than what you’ll find on a regular consumer desktop: six USB ports, two HDMI sockets and two Ethernet jacks (highly unusual, that last bit).

Other than that, this isn’t a machine for spec hunters: it will initially ship with a Core i5 Sandy Bridge processor (that’s what was available when the product was being developed) and the screen resolution tops out at 1080p, which is fairly low considering those pixels will be distributed over a 55-inch panel. The 120GB SSD, at least, should do just fine for the above uses cases — we don’t imagine folks will need to store more than that. Additionally, the BigTouch is designed to be easily serviceable, and the processor is part of Intel’s vPro family, so the system might meet IT requirements anyway. With a price of $4,999, though, we hope your company doesn’t have too many conference rooms to furnish.

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