DNP MOGA to let developers port games over to Amazon and Windows Phone 8 platforms, Pro controller available for $50 on April 15th

After nearly six months on the market, the MOGA Bluetooth-powered gaming controller is finally ready to open up its Android-restricted doors. We were told at the Game Developers Conference that starting today, developers can add MOGA support to Kindle Fire and Windows Phone 8 games, thus marking the device’s first foray outside of the Google Play ecosystem. Consumers shouldn’t get too excited by this announcement just yet, however, as this is just a call for developers — it’ll still be awhile until we see MOGA-compatible Kindle Fire and Windows Phone 8 games pop up on that MOGA Pivot app. In the meantime, we also learned that the MOGA Pro controller we saw at CES will be available in stores starting April 15th for $50 a pop, so hopefully those newly-ported apps will be ready by then.

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