MLB polishes At Bat 13 on iOS and Android ahead of Opening Day, brings app to BlackBerry Z10

With the 2013 season looming just around the corner, it’s only natural for Major League Baseball to make sure its various applications on different platforms are all ready to go come this weekend. And as it did with on Xbox Live a couple days ago, MLB’s now also updated the At Bat Android and iOS apps, leaving behind the spring training features from last month and making room for ones that are tailored for this year’s Opening Day and forward. For subscribers, this means things such as multi-platform live audio, more video highlights, a virtual archive of classic games and a revamped news section within the apps. What’s more, MLB has kept its promise of bringing At Bat 13 to the BB10 crowd, giving BlackBerry Z10 owners the ability to download the app starting today. Clearly, it’s that time of the year again, that time where your Yankees-cheering friends tell you all about how A-Rod, when fit, is the best player in the game. Or, if they’re Giants fans, how they really, really, hope the tale of Samson’s hair won’t apply to Tim Lincecum.

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Source: MLB

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