OUYA updates backers about what to expect, including launch titles and a dayone update

The OUYA Tegra 3-powered Android game console is having quite a day, but now that it’s shipping, CEO Julie Uhrman is informing early recipients of what to expect when they open the packaging. According to an email sent out to Kickstarter backers this evening, their new box will have a software update required as soon as it’s plugged in. After the Wii U we hope this isn’t a trend (but fear it is) although the Ouya promises to take only seconds or at most minutes to complete. Also detailed are the 104 games already available from the 8,000 registered developers including Beast Boxing Turbo, Stalagflight, and Knightmare Tower, plus entertainment apps like XBMC and Flixster. The games are all free to try out, but a credit/debit card is required upfront.

We’ve already offered our opinion of the shipping hardware after a quick hands-on, although backers are encouraged to contribute their own during the preview period before it officially launches. To that end, the company is planning a Reddit AMA next month and will have its own forums available for feedback soon. Until then, you can get the rest of the info directly at the source link below.

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Source: OUYA Kickstarter

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