Slingbox 500 firmware update adds SlingSync support for remote photo viewing and USB drive uploads

Your Slingbox isn’t just for streaming realtime television content anymore. SlingSync, which we first heard about during CES, is now available as part of this week’s firmware update, letting you upload photos and videos captured with an Android or iOS device directly to a USB drive connected to a Slingbox 500. Using SlingPlayer Mobile on your handset or tablet, you can opt for either automatic or manual transfers, enabling you to offload captured content for safekeeping. And, assuming the Slingbox 500 is connected to your television, you can then view photos and videos on your TV. Your device will need firmware number 1.3.462 in order to take advantage of SlingSync, while mobile gadgets should be using SlingPlayer Mobile version 2.4.2 for Android or 3.4.1 on iOS. Though the above feature only applies to the 500, the update also marks the return of Audio-Only mode on the Solo, Pro-HD and 500 — the Slingbox 350 will receive that last feature in a future update.

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