Aereo wins a crucial court battle, opens up partnership talks with ISPs and payTV providers

Something tells us the US Court of Appeals for the Second District has no intentions to kid around with its latest decision, despite it coming down on the 1st of April. In what can only be viewed as a monumental victory for Aereo, the aforesaid court has just rejected an appeal from a smattering of TV networks that are hellbent on stopping the web-streaming company from treading on their territory. For those unaware, Aereo allows users to stream OTA television networks over the web, but this here court found that the system did not infringe on the broadcasters’ copyrights. Of course, a battle at the Supreme Court level is a practical certainty, so it’s definitely not out of the proverbial woods just yet.

That said, a separate Wall Street Journal report sheds light on ongoing discussions between the startup and some very established players in the industry — if you can’t beat ’em, join’ em… right? As the story goes, AT&T, Dish Network and DirecTV have all spoken with Aereo as the company hopes to expand its footprint beyond New York City and the surrounding areas. On one hand, a mega-corp swallowing Aereo could lead to near-instant demise for its technologies, but given the right owner, it could provide the disruption the pay-TV sector so badly needs.

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Via: TechCrunch, The Verge

Source: US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit [PDF], WSJ

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