NVIDIA outs new mobile GPU line, boasts 'every leading notebook manufacturer' support

In NVIDIA’s ongoing efforts to monopolize the technical-sounding graphics card market, the California-based components manufacturer today announced a new mobile line of GPUs aimed at notebook computing. That’s five new GPUs in total, with the GeForce GT 720M and 735M making up the “mainstream” segment, while the GT 740M, 745M, and 750M make up the “performance” portion of the lineup. All five cards include NVIDIA’s “GPU Boost 2.0” tech, which allows the GPU to alter clock speed on-the-fly, making said GPUs all the more efficient. It sounds like it won’t be too long before we start seeing the newest NVIDIA mobile GPUs in notebooks at retail, as the PR says they’ll be in notebooks from “every leading manufacturer” in the coming months. Consider that six month-old gaming laptop you just bought outdated.

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