NZN Labs launches Lit, a socialenhanced fitness tracker for adventurous types

No, your existing fitness tracker probably isn’t good enough — not if you frequently participate in “extreme sports” and wish to log every possible measurement as you cycle, snowboard, surf or just go about your day. At least, that’s what the folks at NZN Labs hope you believe — their new Lit wrist-mounted tracking device being the answer to all your prayers. You can slap Lit on your wrist, or mount it in other ways, and the battery is said to keep the logs churning for up to a week. Metrics vary depending on the activity — surfers, for example, will track the number of paddles, waves attempted and ridden, max g-force and the longest wave.

Fortunately, it’s waterproof to 30 feet, and all the gathered info gets booted to the cloud through your smartphone and Bluetooth 4.0. You earn “points” for certain athletic achievements, letting you pit yourself against friends and other folks, in the off chance that you feel the need to up the ante when it comes to competition. Lit hits Indiegogo for $99 pre-orders beginning today, or you can wait for the device to ship to retailers, at which point you’ll be able to pick one up for $149.

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