TuneIn Live update comes to Android, offers category curated content discovery

There’s nothing worse than seeing a handy new update hit your favorite app on the wrong OS. Luckily, time heals all wounds platform fragmentation. TuneIn’s Android app has just been updated with TuneIn Live, a content discovery interface introduced on iOS back in February. What this really amounts to is an extra tab on the app’s main screen, but what it offers is pretty neat: a customizable layout of eight tiles, each previewing live music representative of its respective category. Users can peek at what various stations are playing at a glance, casually flipping through their favorite genre’s live offerings by swiping each tile individually. It’s nothing we haven’t already seen from the folks at TuneIn, but its nice to see the app updating consistently across platforms. Check out the adjacent Google Play link to snag the update for yourself.

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