Porsche updates Panamera line with plugin hybrid

Daily commute got you down? You’ll soon be able to do it in a Porsche by the end of the year without burning a drop of gas, thanks to a new plug-in Panamera S E-Hybrid model. The powertrain, which we saw earlier on a concept car, combines a V6 bi-turbo gas engine with a 95 horsepower electric model for 416 total system horsepower. Like recent offerings from Ford and others, the 2014 model adds a much larger 9.4 kWh battery to last year’s non-plug-in hybrid, letting you trundle on electrons alone at up to 80MPH for 20 miles or so with with nary a puff of CO2. All that eco-friendly driving will be undone when you decide to open ‘er up in combined gas / electric mode, however, as the zippy four-door will hit 0-60MPH in about 5.5 seconds with a decidedly un-green top speed of 165MPH. Still, the company says overall fuel consumption’s been reduced over the last model and you’ll get other niceties like Porsche’s Car Connect smartphone app to view and control different vehicle functions. While Prius drivers won’t be able to look down their noses at the model anymore, government incentives will make a decidedly smaller dent in its estimated $99,000 price tag.

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