Rdio introduces streaming site Vdio, provides yet another ondemand video service to online viewers

We’d heard murmurs about Vdio being eventually launched over in the United Kingdom, but, aside from that, details still remained relatively scarce. Well, now we have official word that Rdio’s planning to make it its own platform for streaming la carte video content — and, frankly, it’s no surprise given that Vdio’s creator, Janus Friis, is the music service’s own co-founder. For starters, Vdio will offer an array of on-demand movies and TV series, including new productions such as Zero Dark Thirty, Life of Pi, Skyfall and many more, plus there are also small-screen hits like The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and Homeland— these shows, similar to how they operate on other services, will be available to view the day after they air. The only caveat is Vdio’s currently only open to Rdio Unlimited subscribers in the US and UK, and mum’s the word on when, or if, Rdio plans to bring its new video streaming service to a broader audience on the web.

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