Mozilla intros experimental web payment API for Firefox OS

Mozilla’s fledgling Firefox OS has yet to seed out to actual consumers, but when it does an “easy and secure” payment platform should be in place. Announced via the company’s developer-focused Hacks blog, navigator.mozPay() is a Javascript API crafted in the vein of Google Wallet, but with a key difference: it’ll allow direct carrier billing and support for various payment providers. So when users trigger the ‘Buy’ button from within a web app, they’ll be presented with a window from which to complete the purchase, with the entirety of the transaction taking place “in-app.” Despite the desire to open this payment API up to all comers and deliver flexibility to consumers and merchants, the first batch of Firefox OS handsets will actually feature a whitelist of approved payment providers — something Mozilla hopes will eventually change as this API evolves and becomes more secure. But Firefox OS isn’t the last stop for the payment platform, as it’ll be headed to the desktop browser and Firefox for Android soon.

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Via: TechCrunch

Source: Mozilla

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